SSI Stainless Steel Silent Check Valves

Stainless Steel Silent Check Valves

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SSI products are engineered and manufactured to provide high-quality valves at competitive prices. SSI has successfully developed a reputation for manufacturing industry leading stainless steel silent check valves.

As well as stainless steel silent check valves, SSI also manufactures basket strainers, butterfly valves, triple duty valves, suction diffusers, y-strainers, foot valves utilizing state-of-the-art, computer controlled, automated machining equipment.

150WC Silent Check Valve

Product Description:
SSI manufactures stainless steel silent check valves that are long-lasting, functional, cost-effective, and are well suited for commercial and industrial use. SSI stainless steel silent check valves are suitable for a full range of steam, liquid, gas & oil, power, pulp & paper, process equipment, chemical, metal & mining and water & waste applications. Single disc stainless steel center guided check valves with wafer body style designed to ASME B16.34 and API 594. The check valves feature a stainless steel disc and seat, and are center guided from both ends.

Features Include:
• Pressure rated to 285 PSIG
• Temperatures to 400º F
• Available in sizes of 2″ to 12″
• Silent, non-slam closure
• Designed to reduce surge and water hammer
• Compact face to face length for space saving
• Wafer body style fits between FF or RF flanges
• Dual rating 150# and 300# in sizes 2″ through 6″
• Center guided at both ends to prevent binding

End Connection:
• Wafer

SSI Stainless Steel Silent Check Valves Class 150 Wafer Technical Drawing

Our SSI Stainless Steel Silent Check Valves have the following Build of Materials and Product Specifications:

No. Part Name Stainless Steel
1. Body A351-CF8M
2. Discs A351-CF8M
3. Seat A351-CF8M
4. Spring 316 SS
5. O-Ring Viton
DIMENSIONS inches (mm) and WEIGHTS pounds (kg)
Size A B* QTY Stud Selection
Use 2″ 300WC on page 205
Use 21/2″ 300WC on page 205
Use 3″ 300WC on page 205
Use 4″ 300WC on page 205
Use 5″ 300WC on page 205
Use 6″ 300WC on page 205
8 3/4
12 7/8
12 7/8

SSI Products Catalogue

Download more in-depth technical specifications for our line of stainless steel silent check valves by clicking on any of the above literature thumbnails.

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